Where are you?

Right now I am traveling in my Airstream travel trailer working on making new personal music and photography. But just because I am mobile, doesn't mean I am not mastering! Because of my current life status, I've downsized my studio and it will take me longer to turn around your album. My rates have been adjusted accordingly. 

Turn Around Time
Because I'm traveling and do not have reliable access to the internet, please contact me to discuss deadlines.

*Please Note: Business Hours are Monday-Friday

Here's my preferred files formats:

  • Sample Rate -- Whatever native sample rate you are currently working at. (I can accept sample rates up to 192k)
  • Bit Rate -- 16, 20, 24 or 32bit Format -- Wave, AIFF Digital Delivery - please WinRar or Zip your files to facilitate quicker and safer transfer.
  • CD-ROM -- I can accept either Data CDR (preferred) or Audio CDR.
  • Analog Tape -- Please include tones at 100hz, 1k and 10k

Master CDR or DDPi

When preparing a master for release on a tangible medium (a CD), a proper master recording must be made. Now days, this is either a Master CDR or a DDPi dataset. The Master CDR or DDPi must be properly sequenced, coded, burned, and then listened to in real-time for errors. Since digital delivery does not involve a physical media, there is no need for a Master CDR or DDPi to be made.

CD-Text and CDDB are different from each other, and often confused. CD-Text is when track and artist names are written to the CD and displayed on compatible CD players. CD-Text does not display track names on your computer, in iTunes™ or your media playing software. The way for your music to display track titles on computer software is to submit the track data to either Gracenote CDDB or to AMG Allmusic database. Gracenote CDDB is the more commonly used database among music softwares.

Submitting your music to the CDDB and the AMG AllMusic database
Using iTunes™ to submit your music to the Gracenote CDDB: Submit Your CD to the CDDB with iTunes.
Submitting your music to the AMG Allmusic database: Submission information.

It's always fun to see your name in print, and believe it or not, I like it too. Please use the following information when referring to us on your CD liner notes.
"Album mastered by John McCaig."
OR Mastering: John McCaig

Note: It's John McCaig (resist the temptation to put an "r" in McCaig and don't forget the "g" at the end!)
panicStudios (note that only the "S" in Studio is capitalized.)
Please do not refer to us as Panic Mastering.

Uploading Your Music
To upload your music, please zip all the tracks into one zip file and upload using wetransfer.com: