John McCaig: Engineer

I believe mastering is a very important and often misunderstood step in producing an album. Often, because of the cost, independent artists and labels skimp on mastering, but I believe high quality mastering should be affordable to everybody. Mastering is all I do, and it's great that I get to listen to a lot of interesting music before everyone else (which is my secret guilty pleasure.

To me, the two most important tools for a great mastering engineer is a good set of ears and tons of experience listening. I try to hear and correct the slightest deviation in tone, balance, or wavelength, so that your tracks sound great everywhere. For me, a simple and accurate tool set helps me get the exact sound I want reliably and efficiently. This is why I have carefully chosen top quality gear to outfit my studio.

I was born and raised in Seattle Washington (and I love it here) -- I have been playing, making, sampling, mixing and synthesizing music for all my life. Music has been and always will be a driving force in me and my family's lives. I received my BFA from the University of Washington in Digital Signal Processing and Music Composition in 1997. Audio and CD Mastering became a fulltime and focused endeavor in 2001. In addition to a minor obsession with buying and selling gear on a regular basis, and riding my bike around town, I've had releases of my own music as effacer on Asthmatic Kitty Records, audiobulb, Kikapu, and panicRecordings, and as fell on en:peg digital, Neo Ouija, and Papergoose records.